The look of that Sophie Turner is sorry, as a guest of wedding


  • Sophie Turner, or how to be the best dressed of the U.S. Open.
  • One of his looks as a guest was a mistake that I still regret.

    To all of us. We look at photos of the past, remembering the clothes that we wore for years and at some point arises: ‘but what noses I wear here?’. If at some point in our lives all we commit some error of style, imagine the famous who come every two-by-three premieres, parties, award ceremonies and other Vip events. Not all dare confess it, but Sophie Turner has left the fear behind and has had no problem in saying what is the look you like least of all that it has made to date.

    Has been in an interview in the british edition of Elle. In a video that comments on some of his ‘outfits’ in a given moment arises that I have been at the wedding of his co-stars in the HBO series ‘Game of thrones’ Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. The link took place on the 23rd of June 2018 and for the occasion She chose a dress-blazer in red with a pair of boots mosqueteras black. A styling that just as the first does not seem very guest of wedding, and indeed it was because this was not his first choice, but a solution that arose at the last moment.

    Sophie Turner repents of her dress as a guest at the wedding of Kit Harington

    Mark R. MilanGetty Images

    “A repentance for ever, of my worst looks. Was at the wedding of Kit and Rose and had an emergency fashion. The two elegant dresses that had chosen to not I stayed and they came on the same day of the wedding, I couldn’t try before”confesses the actress.

    Then was forced to seek a solution at the last moment and your dress-blazer with boots was what she found. Although the accessories were their biggest problem. “I had to choose between the boots mosqueteras or those beautiful high-heeled shoes. But I thought that if I wore the shoes show a lot of legs. It was a disaster, the worst choice”.

    But not everything is going to be bad. The actress, currently expecting their first child together with her husband, Joe, Jonas, keep a good memory of that day thanks to your companion’s wedding, his friend and colleague in the cast of the famous series Maisie Williams. “Maise is a great companion to the wedding, the best next to Joe (Jonas)”.