The Murph: the brutal, Chris Pratt and John Krasinski that transformed them into heroes


Do you dare to follow the training the world’s most brutal? The Murph is the reason that Chris Pratt and John Krasinski managed to transform their bodies to become a superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy and in a super spy in Jack Ryan (respectively) and is also one of the favorites among fans of crossfit because it produces more results than almost any other workout.

What are the negative side? The Murph will leave you destroyed, devastated, exhausted and wanting to die.

When it comes to exercise and follow a workout, the experts are seeking to develop movements and techniques that are ever more effective, that help to work all of the muscles and to see results without having to spend 24 hours a day in training. Movements such as burpees, jumping rope and other exercises have been gaining in popularity because they deliver what they promise and The Murph it is one of those routines that are found in the list of the most popular.

The Murph is so effective that she managed to get to Chris Pratt of that character that we met in Parks and Recreation to that hero who traveled through space with a group of “pirates” who joined together to save humanity.

The routine was created by a lieutenant of the Navy Seala called Michael Murphy and, apparently, is simple, and consists in a race of 1 mile (1.6 kilometers), 100 pullups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and another race of 1 mile, all with a weighted vest since.

Actors, bloggers, and experts in fitness have tried the routine and there are even challenges in which you must make The Murph every day for a month to see what happens (that are like 3,000 pullups, 6,000 push-ups, 9,000 squats, and 96 kilometres of the race). In short, this is not a workout for the weak.

The most recent brave to try this deadly routine was the runner of long distances, Elijah Orr, who decided to convert to The Murph in his training of quarantine and to share a video with your experience and the results achieved with this popular workout that burns hundreds of calories.

Orr knew that the key was to start slowly, so that your first attempt was without the weight vest, which allowed him to test his limits and discover if I was ready to take the rest to the next level. Orr it corridor, so he began with the race of 1 mile without problems, but then goes on and sees how the exercise is going to leave more tired. “Let’s start with these exercises of calisthenics,” he says as he begins his 100 pull ups, 200 pushups and 300 squats. “Oh, my legs are like rubber!“he says after he finishes, slamming his last race of 1 mile, which ends at 5:29. All training took 32:07. “That was crazy”, he says after taking time to recover the breath. “I’m ready for a bit of mexican food. Shit.”

Despite being an athlete, Orr looks increasingly exhausted and, to the end, the only thing you have left are eager to sit down to eat, but it’s worth the effort. Orr has not finished his training so that he has not shared the final results, but Chris Pratt and John Krasinski are the clearest proof that this brutal routine designed by a member of the military is very powerful when it comes to transform our bodies, to gain muscle and burn fat.

The best part is that you don’t need any equipment to try it, you can replace the vest with a backpack with weight.