“The reggaeton mexican you must connect with your roots”: Taylor Diaz


The reggaetón mexicans connect with their roots and find their own line to not do what others are doing, he considers the singer urban Taylor Diaz.

“I think both the mexican in the genre and really the adentramiento of us in the global movement is going to be when we finish concretize and unite the gender in our root. Not only is joining,” he says.

Taylor sees in the mexican industry, certain characteristics such as the style of writing is much more than feelings. In your case now that touts the remix of her single “Kissing you” believes that it maintains the essence of mexico and Latin and by their influences and lyrics called “reggaeton mexican romantic“.

“I love the fact of being able to mix and that a public who likes the salsa and bolero to hear a reggaeton of mine because it has that essence of things mexican with all that connects Latin america”.

The veracruz has worked on this remix along with the producer Ovy on the drums (Karol G, Paulo London) and the singer Sharlene and explains that it finds that its letters can be heard by anyone.

“I love connecting with the universe, a lot of lyrics that I do is focused to be able to get out of where you are as soon as you put some headphones and listen to something of mine,” he says.

“I like that connect with feelings that touch fibers through own experiences, but tell it in a way that I can hear my niece of 5 years old, my mom, my grandpa.”

Therefore, although it points out that gender urban lately has been sexualized wants to see in his career the possibility to do it different.