The secret to Jennifer Lopez for not losing your cool in this quarantine –


The singer is fulfilling the social isolation along with his family and shared in their social networks, what you do to not get depressed.

Jennifer Lopez shared with him their followers in your account of Instagram your secret to not decay in these days of quarantine, that it is sometimes very difficult for some, and make it more bearable.

“At this time, when it is so easy to get depressed and think of all the things that go wrong and what we don’t have and we don’t know the answers… I am accustomed to say three things that I appreciate”, wrote.

And he added: “as soon as I open my eyes and then in the evening, when I am lying in bed, here are three good things in a loud voice that happened that day”.

“You can be anything… and I try to change them so that they are not the same thing every day. Be positive and safe. I love you and miss you all… Soon we will be together”, concluded the artist alongside a series of photos where she is jumping and happy.

The publication has already exceeded the million and a half of “likes” and thousands of comments thanking the actress for the council.

Like many stars, since he began the quarantine JLo used the networks to show to their fans as it is your day-to-day with his family.