These are the haircuts that will be trend this summer


Each year there are several hair cuts that are in fashion and set the trends of the different seasons, and today we want to show you that you’re going to succeed this summer. In full state of alarm, from this week you can already request an appointment to go to the hair salon, so that you can prepare your change of look in the face to the good time.

The hairstyles summer is notable for being versatile, short, and very easy to comb, ideal for freshness and that it is comfortable to wash it almost every day if you go often to the beach.

Trends in hairstyles this summer

  1. Short straighttypical average hair above the shoulders will triumph this summer in format straight, and you can give it a touch even more amazing if you add bangs. You can wear it wavy or smooth and with the tips inward or outward.
  2. Cut Boyish: it is one of the cuts more risky, but if you dare you can achieve a spectacular look. Its origin is in the 20’s and celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence have already been bold with him. It is ideal especially if your face is round.
  3. Tufts short: another one of the hairstyles that is most successful is going to have this summer, and that focuses particularly on bear tufts shorter in front, at the top of the hair. It is especially good in passing over the shoulders, but can give a nice result, too, if you have it longer.
  4. Cut bob shag: it is one of the cuts to women’s most beautiful, with layers well defined and in motion that provide a naturally amazing. Can be worn with a quiff straight line or to one side, and goes especially well on faces, elongated and oval in outline.
  5. Side parting: any cut with the side parting softens the expressions of the face, both in manes, wavy as smooth.