VIDEO: Cardi B suffers tremendous agona to plucking your ‘coronavirus’ with wax


Atlanta, USA.- The singer Cardi B not I allowed the quarantine by coronaviruses were unable to continue with her maintenance of beauty, but pag very expensive, judging by their cries of pain when I depilaron the area of the bikini.

“Today is da pain”, I announced Cardi to your followers of Instagram, anticipating the process to which it is lo any hours later.

Although it is not known if she left her house in Atlanta or if the specialists visited, the rapper dominican-american was shot last Sunday with a mask and lying on a stretcher while applied wax in their parts ntimas.

In the videos shared in their stories of Instagram, Cardi B screams moments before the depilacin, and even calls the woman who puts uas to hold your hand.

Despite the tranquility of the rest of the staff, the singer called out “no, no, no, wait, wait” before you cry and scream of pain.