What Ariana Grande will be Megara in the new movie Hercules Disney? It seems that YES!


If you are fan of live-actions, Greek mythology, and Ariana Grande we have veery good news for you… one of your new favorite movies might be starting to get ready.

Just confirmed that Hercules will be the new live-action Disney and a cast member could tell nothing more and nothing less than with Sam Heughan, Chris Evans, Dacre Montgomery, Armie Hammer or Zac Efron (as Hercules) and Ariana Grande as Megara!

As you read, each time they are stronger rumors that claim that the interpreter of ‘Thank U’, ‘Next’ could give life to this character (though it is also suspected that Zendaya is shaping up as another of the favorites for this role).

What do you think about Ariana Grande playing Megara in the new movie of Hercules?

Of course, the fans already and have asked the pop star if you would like to consider to be Megara, and the response of Ari has pleased his followers!

According to Hollywood Life, a contact close to Grande revealed that she would be delighted to be a part of ‘Hercules’: ‘Ariana began her career at the musicales, so starring in a new version of the film in vivo is not outside the scope of what is possible in terms of their capabilities. Is totally flattered that fans think that should be construed to Megara, but it is too soon and it still has not decided anything.