Who is Mac Miller? The ex-boyfriend died of Ariana Grande

The famous actress and singer, Ariana Grandewas the girlfriend of a famous and also singer, Mac Miller, these were commissioned to publish his love through Instagram and even released a song together. In many opportunities, Miller stated they were long time friends and that their relationship has changed in an organic way. “She is very comforting and loving, but we also have a lot of fun,” said the rapper.

Despite the fact that many fans know by name to Mac Miller and the relationship toxic that led to the young singer, the identity of Miller seems to have been buried next to her body. Malcolm James McCormickborn January 19, 1993 in california, was a rapper, singer and record producer an american, it is for this reason that both celebrities had much in common.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

Mac was the story that already been told a few times, the rapper who left the studies to focus on his artistic career, at the beginning of his career his nickname was “Easy Mac” which was changed by the one you all know, Mac Miller. At 18 years of age signed their first contract, and since then ventured into the music industry until his life allowed him to, with a promising career, Miller was fired prematurely.

This had spoken openly about her struggle against the abuse of psychotropic substances and depression, linformation that transcended mind that the star was fighting the stress with “promethazine” and that thanks to this he became an addict without a return of the codeine. In a statement the rapper said, “My friends can’t even look at me the same way, he was lost”, after talking about a crucial point of its crisis.

After elapse of a short time, the September 7, 2018, Mac Miller died of an overdose, in the town of California, united States. It seems, that he was found unconscious by his personal assistant, which tried to perform CPR until the arrival of the paramedics. This did not work, as the star was declared dead at 11:51.m. The rapper came out with Ariana Grande from August 2016 to may 2018, yet so Great was badly affected by be loss.