50 Cent is furious: follow the drawings stray from his face


The street artist australian Lushsux has a turn to attack, and if, still persecutes 50 centafter painting several murals that represent the producer of “For Life” as figures of pop culture as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Post Malone, Mao Zedong and Taylor Swift, Lushsux painted 50 as Tekashi 6ix9ine, your old “son”.

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It seems that 50 Cent finally, it is hartando. Although initially it was fun the art of Lushsuxthere is a feeling that this sent him to the limit.

The May 4, 50 shared the last piece of Lushsux in his account of Instagram and issued an ominous threat.

“I’m sick of this shit”, he wrote in the photo caption. “He thinks that I can not find your back in Australia. I have a knot on your fucking head.”

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However, 50 Cent noticed that Lushsux had the skillsin the true fashion of 50 Cent.

“Look at this shit head”, subtituló a second publication. “Case of nuts talented”.

Lushsux also launched another new mural starring 50 as the vice-president Mike Pence, or “50 Pence”, the mogul of Hip Hop also shared in his Instagram.