Again criticize Demi Lovato for her weight


Far from seeing fatness as an adjective as many others: high, low, china, or the cia, forming, people use this word to offend and damage.

To Demi Lovato criticism and this type of trials are so small and so insignificant as the words that come out of the hollow heads of their haters who still have not realized that despite not having “the perfect body”, according to the stereotypes of those who attack it, the singer is healthy and happier than ever.

Demi Lovato has had a complicated life full of addictions and eating disorders just end up with it. Fortunately, thanks to the therapy, the singer has been able to heal and be reborn.

Best of all is that Demi has been able to do that which he loves and is passionate about: the music. Recently the singer did a collaboration with Sam Smith and the criticism again focused on the weight of Demi, not their talent or lack of it.

Insults, swear words and comments really unpleasant marred the publication of Sam Smith shared in his account of Instagram.

It is very annoying in the middle of 2020 the requirements for womenin terms of physical appearance, they are so little grounded to reality.

Being thin is not synonymous with health, at least not in the case of Demi and thousands of girls in the world. Women we are more than our physical appearance, and more than a body “perfect”.