Angelina Jolie requires the congress of the US food stamps to families


United States.- The famous actress Angelina Jolie he wrote a letter to the Congress of the United States, to get them help through the program of food stamp benefits pray the families that are going through crisis due to the pandemic coronavirus.

This letter is dated April 20, however in the media, has appeared this week. The actress and activist, explained that they have lost almost 740 million meals in schools due to the closure by the virus and thus parents are faced with an crisis economical since many were laid off and without pay and the children go hungry.

Besides, Angelina Jolie mentioned that despite the fact that the Congress’s got the help of food assistance due to the pandemic ms 15 billion is not enough still.

It does not relieve all desafos faced by low-income families during the emergency of public health, mentioned the famous actress of Hollywood.

Source: Gossipvzla