Boris Becker: “This break benefits Federer and Serena”


The former tennis player German Boris Becker he confessed in a statement to Sky Sports that this break tennis is going to come very well to Roger Federer and Serena Williams, as it will help you to lengthen a little more their sporting careers: “If this year finally there’s tennis, I think that would benefit Federer or Serena. Their bodies have not suffered little wear in this 2020, and perhaps this will help us to that we can see them on the circuit a little more,” said Becker also states that this break has done a lot to the Next Gen this season dreamed to unseat the big three: “I don’t think that the young tennis players are to benefit from this, as they have lost a year of experience playing important matches and try to beat Novak, Roger and Rafa who no doubt are the biggest beneficiaries of this”, manifested in statements collected by Tennis 365.