Chris Hemsworth was filled with praise to a great friend


Despite the confinement, Chris Hemsworth it is going through probably one of their best moments in professional terms. His new film for the giant streaming, “Mission Rescue”, has become one of the most reproduced of the service, getting the green light Netflix for a next sequel. But this is just one of the many film projects that the aussie star has on the horizon.

As the title progresses in its development, the actor is preparing to play for the fourth time the God of Thunder in “Thor: Love And Thunder”, as well as the biopic of Hulk Hogan in the hands of the director of “Joker”, Todd Phillips. It is for this reason that the australian magazine GQ was considered prudent to dedicate the cover of the month of may, where he elaborates on the balance between your professional and family life.

But in this edition, Hemsworth does not appear alone. Since his most recent posted in social media, the star shared the images dedicated to the number and took advantage to fill out compliments to your great friend. “Congratulations to my dog for her first cover of GQ. It is usually very reserved, and although it is a dog of few words, mostly derogatory, I think that the reporter really captured your true nature”.

In the photographs you can see Hemsworth with the can in her arms, as in a walk by the beaches of Byron Bay after surfing or just taking a break. In the body of the note, the actor of 36 years, also spoke of his path to acting and how his own childhood and the circumstances of his family motivated him to do it “big”.

Recalling a childhood very austere, Chris Hemsworth revealed that he believed that a career in screen could help them out of their financial problems. Although, the path was not always the most simple, in the year 2019, the interpreter positioned itself as the second actor better paid of the world. To learn more about your next projects, we recommend this other previous article.