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The singer Shakira surprised her followers on Instagram with a recent publication, where he showed his side multifaceted in times of quarantine by pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19).

He told the colombian artist in a post on Instagram, she was in a video call with the CEO of Sony Music Latin america and to save time, the artist used to dry his blonde hair as he spoke.

“Doing multiple tasks at the same time, of meeting with the CEO of Sony Music Latin, while I dedicate time to self-care”, wrote the colombian singer as a description of your photo.

It seems that Shakira does not like to waste time and take advantage of the 100% 24 hours a day. Recently, the singer revealed that she graduated in a course of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I just graduated from a course of ancient philosophy. I already know that my hobbies are not practical, but it took me hours after putting to sleep the kids. Thanks to Plato, its predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the ‘fun’ of these 4 weeks!”wrote next to a photograph where she poses smiling with his diploma.


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