Demi Lovato will donate part of its sales to the fight against the coronavirus


The star Demi Lovato announced that it will donate part of your sale of sportswear to the global fight against the coronavirus. The singer announced on his account of Instagram that for every garment sold will donate 5$; for the doctors working to stop the pandemic of coronavirus.

However, celebrities have shown solidarity with this terrible pandemic q facing the world as it is now the turn of the former star of Disney; Demi Lovato who just present in social networks their new collection of sportswear.

In addition, the singer announced, that it plans to reach a figure of $ 125 000 by the end of the month of June, the amount of which will go to swell the fund of solidarity response Covid_19; created by the World Health organization (WHO).

Former star of Disney about to suspend the whole by the pandemic

In a statement issued through your account in Instagram the singer Demi Lovato explained, that he was about to suspend the launch of its new collection; the planned event in advance.

However at the last minute took the initiative to go ahead and add the slogan of solidarity, of the donation of 5 dollars for every garment that is sold.

Also the artist does not hesitate in talking to their fans about how difficult it was to make a decision; because the dramatic situation caused by the pandemic did not seem like an appropriate time to present the clothing line.

Although when you think of donating money for each sale, the topic took a value of solidarity that the very enthusiastic and allowed him to bring out his more human side ; giving to understand his great concern for the medical staff that is battling day after day against the coronavirus.

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