Drake showed his mansion and his fans were impressed with your luxurious bed


Drake it is one of the súperestrellas international that has not been bored during the quarantine, since it has a luxurious mansion that has everything you need for fun.

Despite the fact that your home has a large swimming pool, a private cinema, runways and game rooms, fans of the canadian were impacted by the bed that you own.

This, because the mattress of the rapper, which belongs to a Swedish company, it is nicknamed as “the bed more luxurious in the world”. But, why? For your price, obviously.

This object, designed by the manufacturer of luxury beds Swedish Hästens, has a value of $ 400,000 (more than $330 million) due to a collaboration with the designer Ferris Rafauli.

You can practically consider it as a work of art, as it weighs half a ton and is hand-made. The model on which sleeps the interpreter of “Passionfruit” is called Grand Vividus and is made with wool, cotton, horsehair of horse, and flax, all natural materials.