“Fine madness”: thus it has been the spectacular concert virtual of Travis Scott in Fortnite | Science and technology


A little over a year, specifically in February of 2019, the american DJ Christopher Comstock, popularly known as Marshmello, surprised the community of Fortnite with the first concert virtual history of the video game. An event, which could be followed from all over the world, in which millions of people gathered to dance to the rhythm of some of the most popular songs of the DJ. From Happier up to other as popular as Alone.

Several months later, and with more than half a planet confined in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus, the video game returns to surprise us with a new concert virtual. This time starring the rapper Travis Scott, who has landed on the island of Fortnite full of gifts for all those people who encourage to follow the event. From the Delta Wing Astroworld Cyclone, to the loading screens Astrowild and Cosmic Revolution.

So has been the concert of Travis Scott

To 1.00 this Friday, the rapper has come in the meteorite to the stage, located in Burning Sands. When the meteor touched the earth, this has become a speaker and giant has expelled a Travis Scott huge that it has begun to sing. While the american artist played one of their songs as Sicko Modethe game raised us to a dance floor air that surrounded the artist alongside a series of dancers and dancers digital.

Then Scott caught fire on the island by a multitude of asteroids, and turned the dance floor into a kind of hell. All of this with the song Stargazing in the background, another of his more well-known topics. Several minutes later, and while Scott was singing Stargazing to give way to Goosebumpsthe island of Fortnite became a neon world that surprised players and players from around the world.

From heaven to hell: the perfect setting for Travis Scott

After, Travis Scott has been immersed in the ocean of Provided, and, with him, the more than 12 million people followed the event in all the world. All of this with the song Highest-in-the-room in the background, one of their most prominent themes, and a myriad of sea creatures that was the entertainment of the concert. Then, the artist presented his new song The Scotts converted an astronaut and sent it to all the players and players to the space.

So is the new issue of Travis Scott.
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Finally, the astronaut is reencontraba with their meteorite and they both exploded thanks to the power of the famous cube Fortnite. In short, Fortnite has returned to surprise their players and players from all over the world in a concert that will go down in history. Not only for the more than 12 million people enjoyed the event, but by the deployment of both the artist and the video game to create a concert virtual of these features in full confinement.