Hailee Steinfeld makes 3.000 abs to get a flat belly

Behind a figure toned there is effort, discipline and constancy. And if not, just ask the actress Hailee Steinfeld, we can boast of a physical form enviable. Now, in addition, we know the secret that hides behind her flat belly and your abdomen toned, as what he shared during an interview in The Kelly Clarkson Showwhere he went to promote his new movie Dickinson. As well, the artist of 22 years suggested that with the help of his father, who is a personal trainer, and not put it exactly easy. So much so that in a time of such a program ensured to make the 3,000 crunches a day. A high number that has left us without words.

Hailee Steinfeld in the formVIEW GALLERY

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As well, the actress follows an intense training routine and an important part of it is the work of this zone, for which he resorts to one of the classical exercises that serve to strengthen and tone the abdomen. What is striking, without a doubt, is the high number of repetitions. Everything seemed to indicate that it could be a joke, but the actress confirmed that that was the figure. “I trained a lot and I’ve never gotten a few abs as well, do you make a 3,000 crunches a day or what?” asked a fun Kelly Clarkson, to which the actress replied without hesitation: “Every day, 3,000 of that is the number”. We don’t know if it was an exaggeration, but what is certain is that your figure betrays the work that is behind it. Sure it has to see Pete Steinfeld, his father, that is, in addition to his physical trainer.

Hailee Steinfeld in the form

What is not in doubt is that this exercise helps the actress to keep toned and firm an area such as the abdomen, which becomes one of the goals for many women, who do not hesitate to exercise it to not show the dreaded signs of sagging. And the abdominal or crunches they are a great ally to achieve this.