Hailey Baldwin defends Justin Bieber of which you criticize


A few days after you submit your new single in four years, ‘Yummy’, Justin Bieber has revealed that suffering from Lyme, an infectious disease that is contracted by the bite of a tick and that, for now, has no cure (by the way, the same bacterial condition that made Avril Lavigne depart from the music). Despite their sincerity, some ‘haters’ have taken to criticising hard in the nets, calling him “weak,” “victim,” and even wishing him death.

Before this, the wife of the singer, the model Hailey Baldwin, it has come out in his defense on Twitter: “For those who seek to downplay the seriousness of Lyme disease. Please, investigate and hear the stories of people who have suffered for years. To mock and belittle a disease that you do not understand is never the way, all that is needed is to educate yourself”.

Other celebrities with Lyme

In addition, he thanked the family Hadid and the singer Avril Lavigne your help in coping with the illness of the singer. “I want to give thanks to Yolanda Hadid, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid for giving me so much clarity and information about Lyme disease and for answering my questions about the method of action, symptoms, etc I want, you are 3 amazing women! And sending much love Avril Lavigne. Thanks for all you do to educate people about Lyme. You are amazing,” she wrote in another message. It should be recalled that both the mother of the models, the own Bella, who was diagnosed in 2012, and the singer is suffering from years ago to the disease, and have been commissioned to give it visibility.

But they are not the only famous faces affected. Also the uncle of Bieber, Alec Baldwinrevealed two years ago that suffered from. The actor Richard Gere he has 20 decades sufriéndola, and the mexican singer Thalia load with it since 2007, as well as the actor Ben Stiller, which made public in 2011.

Lavigne, icon of a whole generation, thanks to hits such as ‘Complicated’, he has returned the compliment to the wife of the singer: “Thanks Hailey Bieber for your kind words. I am sorry to hear that Justin Bieber had to go through this horrible disease . The fact that it is difficult to diagnose and is so debilitating was also something that I suffered, by what I have dedicated much of my time, energy and effort to educate and help others through Avril Foundation to keep your #HeadAboveWater. As you know, Lyme is a global pandemic but it is not a global priority … ¡¡¡let’s Change that together!!!”, has been the response of the singer.