How to make your lips look more chunky style Kylie Jenner, but in a natural way


If you want to know how to make your lips look thicker in a natural way and without resorting to treatments or cosmetic procedures super expensive, we have some tips that will help you to get thick lips without too much effort.


In addition to making you look your lips thicker, exfoliarlos can help them to be super soft, there are some home remedies very simple to help you look more cute and moisturized, as the coconut oil with sugar you just apply and wipe leaving to act for 10 minutes.


Use a eyeliner to outline your lips it is an excellent ally to look more wide than they are, you just have to apply slightly more to the outside of the outline of your lips and then fill in with a lipstick a shade slightly lighter, you can even make some of the lines from the center outward to create the effect of thickness.

Use lipsticks that are not matte

If you add a little shine to your lips after you apply the lip will make them look wider, this trick is widely used by some celebrities and makeup artists fashionthe brightness creates a visual effect that gives thickness to your lips instantly.

Light shades

The color you choose for your lips can also help them to look thicker, you can apply colors in clear shades or earth that serve to give volumeif you choose very dark colors your lips will get the opposite effect, and will be thinner.

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