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There are many celebrities that have made announcements of aid for those affected by the pandemic that hit the world in these moments. One of them is the model Kendall Jenner, who has millions of fans on social networks.

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By means of his account Instagramthe muse revealed that it was going to work with the company Moondedicated to the manufacture of products of dental hygiene, to send material to the medical staff who is facing the dreaded COVID-19.

This was applauded by many people in different social platforms. After this announcement, Kendall Jenner performed other related americans affected by the loss of their jobs due to the measures of social isolation.

This does not sit very well with netizens, who shot without mercy, your darts harder against the famous. Why happened this? It neglects, in brief I will explain.


It all started when Kendall Jenner reported on the start of the sale online garments with designs podcast “Zaza World Radio”, which leads.

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The money raised, he said, will be devoted entirely to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that helps many people in the united States by providing them with food. In these moments, the institution lends a helping hand to those who are without work due to the quarantine.

Several people indicated that this initiative does not deserve popular support because Kendall Jenner holds a fortune widely known.

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“Instead of raising money from her fans, she should donate to those who have less”, “In all their photos, everything is luxury and comfort. Why not get a little bit of your money and donates it to the poor?” and “Kendall Jenner you may not be asking you to buy their t-shirts, she has a fortune and is able to make a donation”, were some of the comments.

In 2019, it was reported that Kendall Jenner earned annually 22 million dollars for his work. In the same line, Money he pointed out that the muse had a net worth of $ 30 million.


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