It risky! Salma Hayek sits down in the worst way to confess the unexpected


Salma Hayek it is one of the personalities of the film world that impacts all of us with each of their actions. And is that not only is recognized by the countless talent that has been able to demonstrate on the big screen, but also his comedic personality has taken over the heart of his most faithful followers.

In order not to lose the affection of their admirers during the quarantine period, the tender mexican reveals his more intimate, personal side in your social networks, where you can also win the affection of his followers with each of your posts, they accumulate thousands of red hearts in just a few minutes from the time they come to light.

In this case, Salma Hayek reappears, sitting on a tower of books, to be encouraged to comment with luxury of details, in what has been their quarantine and how it has managed to survive and not die in the attempt, either out of boredom or with the constant news that often collapse the whole world.

“I would have loved to tell you that I read all of these books during the quarantine, but the truth is that Netflix I crossed in the way,” he wrote the wife of the man behind the signature of Guccito confess in what he has been involved lately and why it has not been able to devote to another of his true loves.

With this publication, the popular artist got more than 300-thousand-impressions positive, showing that Netflix has been one of the kings that tops the list of streaming during this extensive quarantine.