Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


On the relationship of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

There is a topic that I have wanted to address and I have not done so because it seriously just annoys me more and more to see post about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in these last few weeks.

One of the things that surprises me most is how todes began to make campaigns and memes of defamation, completely uninformed of the case and primarily attacking Amber Heard and requesting that the cancelled in all parts, and I think that they will.

This case, quite public, has been long, tedious and involved one of the men most beloved and powerful of Hollywood: Johnny Depp. And what mark-up because it is important in the narrative of this story. Depp has been active in the industry since 1984, the year in which Heard still or was born.

The fact is that this case reinforces, to a large extent, the simplification of the domestic violence and that Amber Heard is the perfect example of that was never the “victim” ideal. Even before the law for a woman to defend herself, or between in the vicious circle of domestic violence carries a risk, may complicate their cases before the law, since there is a notion of social, legal, etc, of the passive victim and the women who defend themselves with violent acts have less chance of winning a case, even one of protection.

This claim of defamation, in reality it began with the request for divorce that is Heard performed in 2016, but for an article he wrote in the Washington Post, one where you never mention Depp, about domestic violence. The response from the legal team of Depp, and he the article was a demand for $50 BILLION to defame him out.

This whole campaign against Heard only checks that it is still the day in which we don’t believe the victims that suffer abuse. Heard he joined more than 300 evidence of the abuse perpetrated by Depp and even so no one would believe him. Started to come out, people (a huge number) protecting Depp and checked off Heard of lying (power slip). The most dangerous are the reactions and as discredit immediately the history of Heard island by crossing them off of “psycho” “liar” “whore fame” among other terrible things.

Are giving understanding and eliminating all the abuses that Depp inflicted to Heard. Many comment that this is a case of “domestic Violence suffered by a man”, but this really is not the case. The audios are edited for consumption in social media.

Domestic violence is oppression and domination, to have power over your partner. Use of such means as violence, sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological. The truth is that Depp is using all his letters, even after the divorce, to submit and be injurious to Heard.

The audios are evidence, real, about how domestic violence is hórrida and ill-fated. Heard in its legal provision admitted that he was also violent with Depp. In the same audios Depp says, “I am afraid we end up being a” crime scene ” and also threat to be Heard of a charge of domestic violence, and she replies “Say so, is to see how many will believe and support you”. In these same audios edited hear that he cut his finger.

The famous cut of the finger is important because many fans of Depp have used the images as proof that you Heard what he did, even though in reality it was Depp who cut his finger after smashing a bottle of vodka and aventarle bottles and furniture to Heard while I was yelling things obscene. In addition to that he grabbed his blood and began to write Heard on the walls things like “Bitch” “Slut” and others.

The point is that a audio was enough for todes on social media said that they Heard was a lying psycho. Saying she’s abused to Depp, completely eliminating the narrative of all the abuses inflicted by Depp. Simplifying the narratives of domestic violence, strengthening the ideal of the “perfect victim”, and without rethinking how complex is this violence and that there is a duality in the binary of victim-perpetrator.

The lawyers Depp had the culture of rape and misogyny of our society to be able to delete everything that Depp did to Heard island and turn around. Counted on the fact that you never believe the victims/survivors; the worst of the case, demonstrated and managed.

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