Justin Bieber had to overcome their “jealousy” and “insecurity” before you get married



The singer Justin Bieber has become to be honest, in the framework of the documentary series that stars for the video portal ‘YouTube’, about the problems of “jealousy” and the “insecurities” that marked a good part of his career sentimental and, in addition, the first phase of his relationship with model Hailey Baldwin -now Bieber-, who finally got married almost two years ago to start a exciting project of life in common.

In that sense, the music star had to strive greatly to resolve these issues, and thus avoid that they interfere in your daily life with his now wife, and learn to “forgive” and also to forgive yourself to be able to turn over a new leaf and inaugurate a new stage in your life free of prejudices and traumas from the past.

“I had to work on a lot of things, things related to the need to forgive. Things linked to jealousy, insecurities that I didn’t even know I had until I decided to spend the rest of my days with you,” says the canadian to the mannequin in an intimate conversation recorded by the cameras of the space.

“We had to work hard in our relationship and I think that this effort has borne fruit. We’re connected in a much more deep and close, the bond that we share is very solid,” he says, the niece of Alec Baldwin, who in a previous episode came to recognize that the end of the first phase of their courtship in 2016 was the “best” that could have happened..

“When I think of it, and with the perspective that gives the passage of time, I think it was the best thing that we could pass. We take our time away from each other, we focus on our own things, and when we came back to be together… I Felt like I knew exactly what he wanted,” said Hailey in another moment of confidences.