Justin Bieber is criticized by to congratulate Chris Brown


Justin Bieber

Thousands of fans of the canadian singer claimed by the greeting to Brown, a “man of very bad”.

Justin Bieber receives thousands of reviews by the greeting which he dedicated in Instagram Chris Brown, then throw to him in face that how you can be friend of a man as ‘bad’ as the rapper.

Brown celebrated his 31st birthday and a small group of friends congratulated him, among them Bieber, who wrote: “Happy birthday!!! Since I was very young, your music has inspired me. My first video to reach one million views on YouTube was one in which he sang your song ‘With You’. You will always have a very important place in my heart. I’m so thankful to be your friend and brother!”, at the foot of a photo of Bieber very young boy greets Chris.

The publication received more than 3 million of ‘likes’, but also thousands of complaints to the canadian, as many of his followers do not like to be friend of a person who has had the worst chapters in its past, as the hit to their partners, especially to Rihanna.