Justin Bieber scares David Beckham in the program of Ellen Degeneres


Exfutbolista David Beckham has recently looked at
The Ellen Show,
the program that Ellen Degeneres has on the american television talking about his new life after hanging up the vote and how he has taken his family, among other aspects. What I didn’t expect the british is all of a sudden the singer Justin Bieber you sorprendiese in full direct.

Which would be Real Madrid player was talking about the name of their children when, suddenly, from a box located just between the presenter and athlete, she was the interpreter of Baby joining to the guest with a cry that was terrifying. For a moment he did not expect, and that has startled Beckham.


Luckily, he took it well. The british and Justin Bieber have a close relationship to the point that the latter sang during the night of Halloween. But all of this is due to the Beckham family and the singer are neighbors, so that both know their respective houses and are friends.

It should be noted that the fact that Justin Bieber came by surprise in the program of Ellen Degeneres to scare David Beckham is not something casual, this space of interviews used to that famous faces scare others –usually friends or acquaintances– in order to give a touch of humor to the format. And, judging by this response, on this occasion he has succeeded.