Kate Beckinsale clarifies that it is not coming out with the best friend of your ex



The relationship that Kate Beckinsale held last year with the comedian Pete Davidson has been without a doubt one of the biggest media in recent times by the age difference that existed between both of them and strange that it was in the eyes of many the couple that they formed.

Their brief romance didn’t survive to the end of 2019 and, therefore, the ‘actress ‘ Underworld’ has begun this new decade as a single woman, hence not too surprising that she was enjoying the celebrations after the gala of the Golden Globes and socialising with the rest of the guests.

However, the most striking thing is the end of the evening, leaving the party, which took place at the hotel Chateau Marmont in the same car that the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who happens to be one of the best friends of your ex.

Now the interpreter has denied indirectly the rumors that he is living a romance with the musician in a message posted on his account of Instagram to answer those who criticized for having changed to one of the two young men on the other.

“Why don’t you worry about things that are happening for real and you make a donation to help the fight against the fires in Australia instead of wasting your time with stories that are not true, and that they have not been never? Please, get a life, jo**r”, has been their overwhelming response.