Katy Perry teaches us his tummy of pregnant


The singer looks radiant and you have to see it!!!

About three months ago, Katy Perry announced from the best way that she and Orlando Bloom will become parents.

The singer gathered his special surprise with the premiere of the clip Never Worn White, in which he revealed his already growing tummy.

Of course, with the passage of time your baby has grown, and that can be noticed in the belly of Katy. This was demonstrated by the star of Roar this week, when she discovered her abdomen during a live broadcast that he shared with Cyn.

Do you want to see your tummy? Check out the video!

The star also spoke of her isolation with her future husband, pointing out that you can not hide who you are while you’re in quarantine.

“If you love me during the quarantine, you can love me at any other time,” joked Katy.

In a moment, Cyn asked the singer, “do you Think, ‘What About what I will write?'”, now that you’ve found your love and it’s going to have a child. In response, Perry said that just because you find your partner does not mean that there will not be problems or friction to write about.

“You’ll always be working on yourself and in your relationship… your partner is Your mirror. I don’t know about you, but sometimes if I put it in front of one of those magnifying mirrors as in a hotel, and suddenly I see my pores and my whiskers… I will Not go out of the hotel room. I will arrive late by 30 minutes because I’ll be like, I can’t believe that you are seeing all these things. I never saw that you might need to take care of myself,” he explained. “Don’t put a magnifying mirror so close to my face, but that is your companion.”