Kim Kardashian adds to campaign “Support Tijuana”

The initiative, stand up to Tijuana joined the civil partnership This is About Humanity creating a campaign binational tripartite to raise funds and support to the health sector of the city, before the contingency by Covid-19.

This is the campaign “Tijuana 2:1 Matching Grant” in which through a mechanism of the tripartite, that is to say, that for every dollar that people donate to the cause, both organisms it double, that aims to raise 150 thousand dollars.

The money will be used to continue with the supply of protective equipment for hospitals covid in the entity, and to support the most vulnerable communities that have been affected by the sanitary contingency.

Celebrities are joining the initiative

Socialite Kim Kardashian spread through instagram the initiative, asking his followers to buy hoodies with the phrase “Phenomenally Human”, created for the campaign.

In addition to Kardashian, the ex-baseball player, american Chase Utley and some of the influencers of the united States, have also joined the initiative.