Margot Robbie conquers networks with a SEXY PHOTO in a bikini and tousled look


Talk about Margot Robbie is talk of a huge comedic acting talent and a beauty and image that dates back to the most great actresses of Hollywood in the golden age, as his charisma is unmatched.

Many remember her for her outstanding performance as Harley Quinn, a character that marked the history within DC Comics on the big screen.

Her beauty and talent have been immortalized in characters such as the Queen Elizabeth, in The two queens; the unforgettable Naomi in the Wolf of Wall Street; or how to ignore the scene in which it appears in a bathtub in The great bet.

In addition to being the face of several brands and to be cover in all sorts of magazines, Margot Robbie is also an outstanding figure within the world of the seventh art, well, let’s remember that in 2015 through the production Focusthe actress was seen as never before-through your character Jess Barrett, a criminal clever manhandling the protagonist, Nicky, played by Will Smith.

In this production, Margot appears in a scene within a swimming poolin which looks a tight bikini color black that was reason for stealing the sighs of thousands of people who saw this film.

Now, this production has been remembered through a publication in Instagram where the famous and renowned actress was seen in a peculiar, but very beautiful bikini pink color, in which emphasizes the upper part of the costume of the bathroom just seems like a sarong that are hanging in the shoulders, thus showing his spectacular abdomen and beautiful figure.

Writing Digital The Herald Mexico