Michael Jordan prefers to lose friends that you accept constructive criticism


Michael Jordan it is the center of attention in the world of sport. After the halt of activities by the outbreak of coronavirus, the exbasquetbolista u.s. has given what to talk about for the web series that has amazed all.

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In a chapter was present Charles Barkley, a member of the Hall of Fame of Basketball, and who was a great friend of His Majesty a few years ago. The relationship that built up led to the exelemento of the Phoenix Suns to be part of the movie Space Jam. Now, in the 2020, they finally unveiled the reason why these two legends of the NBA do not cross or mean word.

Charles Barkley he admitted to feeling very sad for having ended his friendship with the legendary player of the Chicago Bulls and all because of comments that he made regarding the way in which Michael Jordan he led the franchise to the Charlotte Bobcats.

“(Michael) was like a brother to me; at least 20 years. And I’m sorry, I feel sadness. But for me still the best basketball player in history. I don’t wish him nothing but the best,” said Barkley in an interview with ESPN.

Remember that Charles it was also part of the Dream Team and shared a dressing room with MJ23.

“What bothered me most of all of that, is that I don’t think you’ve said anything so bad. I’m pretty sure what I said, ‘as much as I love Michael, until they stop hiring your best friends, will never succeed as the general manager’. And Phil Jackson said exactly the same thing,” she said.

Before this, Barkley not worn very optimistic about a possible reconciliation in the future, especially because he always thought that Michael Jordan I valued your friendship above anything.

“He got my number… he can call me…. Michael was the most famous person in the world. Very few of your friends will be honest with you, and that is very difficult for any celebrity, but especially for someone of your height. But I thought that this was one of the reasons that we were great friends. Like, ‘can I ask Charles anything and I know that will give me a direct answer’. But part of my job is, because I can’t go to the tv and say ” Another general manager is shit’ and then ‘because Michael is like a brother to me and says that he is doing a fantastic job’, that would be false, “ he said.

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