Miguel Bernardeau is wet by the dolphins with PETA


What you are having a hard confinement? To you, who likes to stroll around your city on the weekends, go out to the mountain, to run, to play your match on Saturday… Well, imagine an orca, that’s nothing every day about 225 miles in the ocean, locked in the swimming pool of a marine park. In addition, for thee some day all this will end. For she is not. That is all the life that is waiting for him.

This is the reality that you want to show us in their new campaign PETA, the organization defending the rights of animals from almost 40 years ago. This time has

“Neither the dolphins nor any other animal are to our service, you are not to entertain us”.

wanted we stop to think about the marine parks, let’s look beyond the fun parts and try to empathize with the animals there live (badly). And for this they have counted with the collaboration of the actor Miguel Bernardeau, who has not hesitated to put his image in the service of a project in which you create seamless: “it Is an honor that PETA has wanted to count on me for this campaign. I do surfing since he was little, and I spend a lot of time in the sea, I’m no expert, but I do understand the importance of these animals within a marine ecosystem, an ecosystem that I enjoy and that I feel very connected. If I can use my voice to help raise awareness of the conditions in which seals, orcas, whales and dolphins, etc… are located within parks or zoos, what will I do without any doubt.”

As always, there will be those who have the temptation to point out to Miguel for being uploaded now to the wave of animal defense, which so many likes given on Instagram. No, this is not that. You are going to get wet, really. And he would be doing time. Its relationship with the sea is intense, and understand that if we follow him out of shit and continue locking up in prisons of water to those who inhabit it, as poor we go.

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Here, yes.

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PETA wants to raise awareness in their campaign that the animals are not our own, and have no right to use them as entertainment. But is that in addition, in the case of dolphins and orcas, the organization explains that the topic is especially bleeding for several reasons. Because the reverberations from their own sonar bounce off the walls of the tanks, which can make them go crazy, because to many of them there are that medicarles with diazepam to alleviate your stress, because sometimes a few animals end up attacking each other until death… And the best way to avoid this is by educating and raising the awareness of the people, as stated by Bernardeau: “ people should be made aware of how the animals live in freedom, their customs and social relations, and compare it with the situation to which they are subjected within the aquarium. Based on this knowledge, it is the responsibility of each one to stop feeding economically and socially these businesses, avoiding to continue this torture. Expose the conditions they are subjected to these animals and do not hide them behind a curtain of show, it is important to understand that neither the dolphins nor any other animal are to our service, you are not to entertain us”. Next to Miguel, many other familiar names, have wanted to collaborate with the organization and put your image in the service of this initiative: Bella Thorne, Pamela Anderson, Sir Roger Moore, Bob Barker, Jessica Biel, Noah Cyrus, Kate del Castillo, Alfonso Herrera, Dulce María, and Krysten Ritter.

If you want to know something more about the topic, we give you two options compatible with each other. From now on, you can find out in www.peta.org.uk. And, next Tuesday, the 12th of may at 20.05 h you can enter in our profile Instagram (@esquirees) and see the live interview that we’re going to do to Michael. And yes, for sure we also talk about Elite. We’ll see.

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