Paris Jackson, the daughter bisexual of the ‘king of pop’, interprets the son of God in ‘Habit’, and has been involved


We already know that any reinterpretation of the life of jesus Christ stands always blisters for one reason or another. But is that, on this occasion, the hue and cry has been formed because Paris Jacksonthe daughter of the very ‘king of pop‘, will embody directly the son of God in his new movie, Habit.

On this occasion there is no history of jesus Christ, Habit is something quite different. In this film, which is much talked about already when you don’t even have a release date, Jackson embodies a girl, somewhat wayward, which has a great fetish for Jesus, and for the escape of a drug deal that goes wrong and puts it in danger, decides to impersonate a nun. And it turns out that his idol –who also plays Paris– appears to him on several occasions.

Directed by Suki Kaiseris a movie of spirit, thug, inspired by the first Quentin Tarantinoas stated by its creators, and that is currently in post-production phase. Together with Paris Jackson will appear Bella Thorne and the model trans Andreja Pejic. The daughter of Michael Jackson, 22 years, continues its way in the world of the showbizafter having participated, for example, in the third season of Scream.

Without a doubt, Habit going to give that talk. In fact, since he has leaked the image of Jackson is characterized as jesus Christ, the buzz is already important. Because from the most conservative sectors has been the cry in the sky –never better said– to see that in Habit is a woman who plays Christ. What the son of God as an example of the fluidity of gender? The scandal has been immediate.

One Millions Momsan association with a fundamentalist who defends the “traditional rights” and is adamantly against the LGBTI community –it’s clear, has started a petition to try to stop the release of a film that they –without being seen– that is blasphemous. Their producers, of course, will be delighted with this free publicity has made, from the night to the morning, the anticipation to see Habitand Paris Jackson as jesus Christ, is maximum.