Reveal pederast network in which they are allegedly Hanks, Will Smith and Downey Jr.


It is important to clarify that the information is about a theory where touching on sensitive issues such as the pedophilia and prostitution of women and men, discretion is advised

United States.- It was in 2016 that a conspiracy theory, shocked the world as a number of public figures and important policies were involved in a very serious issue.


Pizzagateis the name given to the information disseminated during the presidential elections in the USA in the year 2016.

Comes from the references to pizza and cheese (cheese), key words for porn (porn) and child (child).

Pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, are some of the keys that were used to ‘purchase services’.

The acts allegedly occur in a pizzeria calledComet Ping Ponglocated in Washington, which has never been put on trial by the us authorities weighed to the rumors.

In this place he claims is the epicenter of a network of pedophilia, is white and prostitution male which is linked to Hilary Clinton.

The impact of the news was global says was the reason for the defeat of Clinton in the elections against the president now Donald Trump.

Polemic againstComet Ping Pong

It all began when WikiLeaks, an organization of information that the public secret documents anonymously revealed sensitive content between Hilary Clinton and John Podesta.

In the mails of the wife of Bill Clinton, you could read messages such as: “I want a pizza, you mentioned ice cream, French fries and satanic rituals”.

John Podesta, is one of the most important men because he was the head of campaign of Hilary, Obama adviser and chief of staff to Bill Clinton, the more secure is the leader of the network of pedophilia bigger, because in the other emails was revealed as a woman informing him about the arrival of minors to a farm for added entertainment.

Paintings in your house were the ones that caused panic to the users since it is shown to the infants being subjected to violence.

James Alephants, owner of the establishment is among the 50 most powerful people in D. C., however, only has a branch, which confused the users on the large amount of input of money just by selling pizza common.

Involved in ‘Pizzagate

Avicci, Kurt Cobain, were some that tried to reveal the great secret for weeks after they were found dead, being the authorities who declared it was a suicide.

However, one of the thing that most surprised of all, was Chester Bennington, who weeks before his death sought to reveal the identity of her rapist during his childhood called old man, but what intrigued was the similarity between John Podestaclaiming to treat his father.

Justin Bieber (Yummy), Melanie Martinez (Tag, You’re It), MGMT (Kids) and the same Avicci (For A Better Day) were those who through music videos have exposed indirectly to facts of which they were victims on more than one occasion.

But one of the more recent, and to which internet users have been attacked constantly is to Tom Hanksbecause in your Instagram postings are somewhat chilling, as are treated of garments of infants, children, or women being torn apart, with descriptions of suspicious.

Katy Perry was another who in his video Bon Appetit and This is How we Do it makes references to the food with which it is associated to the crimes and even seems happy when you serve dishes with human limbs.

A list with the names of all involved became viral among them, Will Smith, Katy Perry, Meryl Streep, Akon, Jimmy Kimmel, Robert Downey Jr, Dan Shneider, among others.

Curious data related

It was the case of Madeleine McCann, which became very famous and has a series on Netflix, in that series are mentioned the portraits spoken of the suspects in the kidnapping of the child, being very similar to John Podesta and Tony Podesta (brother).

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide after being found guilty of a sexual offence, was very close to Hilary Clinton and Woody Allen (part of the list).

Joe Biden, the former president of USA, was also found suspect for the users after you filter images that came out on national television where the officer kisses her and is about how uncomfortable the children who were in the presidential office during an event,

Gary Goldman, creator of the Powerpuff Girls, came to the series through the character Jared Shapiro, a man who in a chapter tries to seduce Candy. The episode was trying to sell the naturalness between a relationship child molester, according to the internet users.