Revive on Twitter the alleged rivalry between Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande


Even returned to share a video, in which supposedly the main character does not like the idea that much of your coestrella “have more talent”.

“Something that you don’t know Ariana Grande is literally sings always, and it is good, she has a beautiful voice, but it is amazing because he always sings, never,” says Elizabeth Gillies in the clip, which Daniella Monet responds: “You also sing a lot.”

Subsequent to this is the very Justice who says: “we All sing, we all sing”.

Few days ago took place the Kids’ Choice Awards 2020, in line, in which Victoria Justice tapped him to present the award for Female Artist Favorite, being the winner Ariana Grande. In images shared on social networks, the users took advantage of the opportunity to mock.

“Also Victoria: Well, I think that we can all win a Kids Choice… Oh, what anger”, “But what does pride have to eat Victoria”, “Here smacks of Hypocrisy”.

Although they are all assumptions and theories of the fans of the series, they are the same who do not lose the time to adapt to the alleged envy and rivalry between the two stars with current issues; even a netizen compared to Karla Panini with a scene of the program, “Tori Panini is a tendency by those who remember what he did to Cat (Ariana Grande)”.