Riley Reid: what you need to know it


It is interesting how in the new age characters, such as Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa or other members of the porn industry are crossing a line that previously separated this world from the rest of the people, now they may be celebrities with the same fame and follow any actor. Whereas before the space of a single star was reserved for Jenna Jamesonnow there are several women who are recognized as the leaders of that industry, and have been able to provide its perspective to the whole world thanks to this new acceptance of porn.

Riley Reid it is one of the actresses most recognized of this era, so much so that his name is mentioned in more than 10 songs (including that line in “The difficult,” Bad Bunny) so that it is no doubt the impact it has had (at least those who know).

Riley Reid awards XBiz

© Wally Skalij

A Florida native, Ashley Mathews (his real name) has been part of the porn industry for 10 years, growing step-by-step to get fame, being one of the actresses most sought after from 2017. “I was always in the bottom of the industry. I went driving up and only now I record for the best companies,” said the magazine Paper.

But, in the beginning, Riley was not sure if you would succeed making tapes for adults. “When I started in the industry and saw that there were girls famous, as Jenna Hazethat were like me: small, youth small chest and moray eels. I did not know existed. I had No idea how famous he was. I did not know that was Sasha Grey or that the type ‘girl next door’ were so popular and famous in the porn”.

Riley Reid in the AVN, 2012

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And that is precisely Reid belongs to a new generation of porn that presents a greater diversity in how you can see a star for adults. That is to say, in the past it was Jenna Jameson or those of the “type of Pamela Anderson“, as she describes it, but from the last few years there has been a change and if we can see the main actresses, as they have nothing to do with the “blonde exuberance” of the past.

As to why you enjoy being in the screen he has stated that he likes the “freedom”. “To be able to make these scenes funny, these scenarios ridiculous really exaggerated that don’t happen in real life. I can live that fantasy. You may never have the opportunity to dress a gay guy in a disguise of a pony and have sex with him with a dildo. That has opened up my mind”, and that’s another element that perhaps attracts the followers of the actress, as it is known for making scenes a bit “different”.

Riley Reid, AVN

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Since 2013, the actress has received more than 10 nominations in the AVN award adult film, winning 14 of them, in addition to other awards. And, as most of the major movie stars porn, Reid has his own website where he shares scenes produced and written by herself, taking care of background on the situation. Similarly, you have other platforms in which continues to generate money not to mention their Twitter accounts and Instagram.

As an extra, the actress said that her favorite scenes were “the ones that are more cinematic and have a value which is more emotional. Scenes BDSM romantic”.

In a LOVE of Reddit offered tips to the followers about different things in addition to speaking of herself. They are the sort of things that perhaps in another time we would not have seen, not only by the technology but by the relationship of the society with porn. There is No doubt that now we accept it more than before and that’s why you can talk dand Riley Reid in the same way that someone from Hollywood, and certainly opens our mind to more things about sexuality and the porn industry.