Selena Gomez hit with a revealing neckline while wearing a trouser suit and shirt

Is there something that Selena Gomez not be able to do? Apparently, not. The singer was seen with a suit of masculine style, but gave it a spin very sensual.

Selena used black pants combined with a jacket formal, which left desabotonada to display a neckline of a heart attack, leaving the head to all present with great beauty.

In the photos, taken apparently during a work-out and shared by the account Instagram @fetish4selena, the actress also combined her striking outfit with a choker necklace of pearls, she left her hair loose and makeup, almost natural.

His followers have praised to no end with this look, one of the sexiest and most revealing in that we have seen. Selena Gomez usually dress a little bit conservative, but always with an emphasis on its great physical.

Sel is busy promoting his latest album ‘Rare’, which contains several hit singles. Is also on the verge of launching its first makeup line ‘Rare Beauty’ and so diversify your empire, taking the first step to be a successful entrepreneur.

It is also known to debut a cooking show on HBO Max, a new streaming service. Selena Gomez remains occupied and producing in spite of the quarantine.

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