Serena Williams, referring to the tennis, and successful entrepreneur


The sport of the racket par excellence, has had the luck of having with mythical figures throughout history. This has allowed millions of people to take a great interest in, and follow the weekly adventures of his idols.

In the women’s draw, there has been a player who in the last decade that has marked a before and an after in the WTA. This is none other than Serena Williams. The north american 38-year-old, is already found in the case of his sporting career, after having marked an era and have reign in all nations and on all surfaces, becoming a player unique.

This phenomenon of nature has commanded the sports betting of tennis for many years. Everything has an end, and the withdrawal is near the natural of Michigan. After reigning more than 300 weeks on the list, WTA, Serena Williams focuses their efforts beyond the fields of tennis, promoting their business.

The good advice to which he had access, has led us to be one of the athletes on active with better business decisions. Account with five companies of great success, making the investment to which he faced some years ago has borne fruit. Not in vain, for many years occupying positions of privilege in the Forbes List of the athletes with higher income, adding up to an estate estimated more than 200 million euros.

Serena Williams is the clear example of elite athlete converted to entrepreneurial success. It was one of the first who opened the way, taking advantage of his position of relevance at the global level. With the right decisions, their businesses went up as the foam, becoming benchmarks in their respective sectors.

The withdrawal of Serena William is about. The youngest of the sisters, has secured the future when you store the racket in a definitive way. Without a doubt, their firms will bring economic revenues, that will allow us to continue earning a high income.