so it would look like Tom Welling Man of Steel


The technology has fulfilled the dream of many fans who wanted to see Tom Welling in the costume of Superman.

If you followed Smallville will know that one of the things that remained pending was to see Clark with his iconic suit, and recently the YouTube channel Jarkan shared a couple of videos where using the technology DeepFake placed the face of Tom Welling in the body of Henry Cavill who plays Superman in the film Man of Steel. You can see these videos below:

The tv series Smalville was released in 2001 and introduced us to a young Clark Kent played by Tom Welling during the years prior to becoming Superman. In this way, throughout the seasons we saw how it evolved but obviously you are not using your suit, and although many expected him to use it in the end, only we get to see the S of the chest when desabotonĂ³ the shirt that he wore.

In fact at the end of last year in the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths we saw that Tom Welling had a special participation, and while at first it was believed that eventually it would appear with the suit, that did not happen and only saw a reunion between Lois and Clark.

For its part, the movie Man of Steel was released in 2013 under the direction of Zack Snyder.

What do you think of Tom Welling in the costume of Superman in Man of Steel?