The drama that has lived these days Margot Robbie, and that no one knew

Not all have been triumphs, and joys this year to Margot Robbie. The actress The Scandal, a film for which she was nominated for an Oscar, and Once upon a time in Hollywood has faced this month to a hard pounding. Your dear grandfatherHerbert Kessler, who was very united, died last February 1 in his home of Gold Coast, Australiawhile the actress was in London promoting his new film Birds of prey, where he plays Harley Quinn, and came a day after another to the various awards ceremonies of the season.


Of mourning at the Bafta and the Oscar

Herbert, his paternal grandfather, who affectionately called him llamban “Grandie” by his grandchildren, passed away thousands of miles away. A first mass was held last Friday in Dalby, Queensland, however the family wanted to delay his funeral for Margot to arrive in time. An obituary of local ensures that the last farewell of Herbert will take place tomorrow, February 15th in Queensland. Recall that the February 2, Margot Robbie took to the stage to collect the Bafta award that had been given to Brad Pitt. Dressed completely in black, the actress attended the Bafta and then no one knew the drama that was living. Days after he returned to dressing in mourning at the Oscars, ceremony came accompanied by her cousin, Julia Chalmers, also the granddaughter of your grandfather.

The maternal grandmother of the actress, Verna Kessler, who her grandchildren called her ‘Narnie’, passed away ten months before, in April of 2019, at the age of 92. It was in may of last year, shortly after the funeral of her grandmother, when we saw Margot Robbie along with his brother Lachlan going to visit her grandfather in a nursing home on the Gold Coast. The maternal grandparents of Margot, Verna and Herbert, had a very significant influence in his childhood. The star of El wolf of Wall Street, 29 years, was raised mostly by his mother, Sarie Kessler, after his father, Doug, Robbie abandons the family when the children were still small.

Margot Robbbie and her cousin VIEW GALLERY

In 2019, Margot, and their mother they recalled a story about his late grandfather. The star of Neighbours revealed that his mother had told him that one day, while their grandparents enjoyed a dinner, Herbert said a few words of wisdom, when the talk became pure gossip. Margot described the story as a “lesson of life” for her. “Speaking of someone and chismorreaban on someone,” said Margot. “And Grandie said:””Well, he’s not here to defend himself now, so let’s talk about another thing”. Robbie then commented that he would love to be that kind of person that listens to this kind of comment and says ‘let’s talk about another thing’. “I think that between you, Grandie, and so many people in our family, I have to be at the height and be a good person”, was the reflection of Margot Robbie about his grandfather, from whom he learned much, and much to her dismay today, she weeps over her loss.