The shocking photo of Kim Kardashian taking a shower that leaves everything to the view

Kim Kardashian pool 3

May 07, 2020
(18:47 CET)

Kim Kardashian still retains the place among the influencers of the greater weight of the media in the world. However, the competition each day is on the rise, playing at the top with the audacity to attract new followers. To counteract this effect, Kim has gone a step in terms of boldness, something that can be perceived with this striking photo taking a shower and leaving everything to the view.

The intelligence that has been shown to socialite to do business is unique, but very little would have been possible without exploiting their image catalog. In a photo that he returned to become viral, the californian appears giving themselves a shower prior to entering pool.

A bikini white which is adjusted to your figure in a sublime way, he exposed his powerful front and rear as a work of photographic art. With this kind of display, it will be difficult that someone can get close to his 169 million followers on Instagram. doSommer Ray? doDemi Rose? Who will accept the challenge?

Are there any problems between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

The topic of the popularity of Kim is safe, but according to the leaked information from sources close to the couple, there are currently some problems in your marriage.

According to what reveals to Hollywood Life, there have been a good amount of discussion between the couple during the confinement. All of the relationships in quarantine pass through this tension, but it was thought that in a mansion with countless distractions, they could skip the problems.

The crisis would have come to the point that Kanye West moved with their children to the mansion of Wyoming and Kim Kardashian decided to stay in Los Angeles. Other versions informs that everything is due to Kim looking to have the time and the necessary concentration for their studies in Law. Will have to wait for the end of the quarantine, to check the stability of a marriage which up until weeks ago seemed completely solid.