The WHO does not rule out infection in the Climate Summit in Madrid held on the first fortnight of December


The search for the source of the contamination of Covid-19 in the world continues to hold surprises. This Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) has opened another Pandora’s box to ensure that it is “vigilant” and “open to possibility” the Covid-19 were already in December in Europe and even in dates “more early”, although in these times is not investigating “proactively” if the XXV Summit of the Climate of Chile that finally took place in Madrid the 2 to December 15 could be a point scatterer of contagion.

The annual Summit of the UN on Climate Change that was held in Ifema, attended, according to official data, a 30,000 people from 190 countries. The activist Swedish Greta Thunberg it was one of the quotes surprises of the summit.

The doubt about the date of the arrival of the first cases of the coronavirus to Europe is open. In fact, this Sunday in the scientific journal Science Direct published a report which anticipated in a month the chronology of the first positive case of Covid-19 detected in France, from the 24th of January until now confirmed the 27 of December. The study notes that at the end of December the virus could already be circulating in the country.

That contagion would also be prior to the first such case reported by China to WHO, on the 31st of December of 2019. According to what has been known until now of the SARS-COV-2 the period of incubation until they occur the first symptoms can be from 1 to 15 days, so that the contagion might have occurred at around 10 or 12 of December.

Outbreak in China

Precisely, the director of the Center for Coordination of Emergency and Health warnings, Fernando Simon, has admitted on Wednesday that the coronavirus could be circulating in Spain since long before the record. Even from the end of 2019, when the first outbreaks in China.

Precisely, after this report to see the light, WHO insisted Tuesday to the countries in the importance of continuing to detecting, isolating, testing, treating and tracking each contact of a confirmed case. At a press conference, the spokesman of the WHO, Christian Lidmeier, noted that it would be “of great importance” that “all the countries with cases without specifying of pneumonia in December, or even November, to conduct test. “Some are already doing,” he said.

This same Wednesday, in response to questions from EP, the European office of the WHO has confirmed that she knows the report that describes the potential case of Covid-19 in France in December and has added that the sample collected on 27 December 2019 in the gallic country and that came back positive is “prior to the first case reported in France in January”.

“It is possible to find more cases earlier as countries re-analyze samples from patients who were sick in December, January and even before,” have been confirmed.

With regard to the possibility of the virus already circulating during the dates of the celebration of the Climate summit, which took place from 2 to 15 December, added that they remain “vigilant and keeping an open mind”, however the WHO is not investigating proactively this issue at this time.”

Events suspended

For its part, sources of the Framework Convention on Climate Change of the UN have been limited to point out to EP that they are convinced that the WHO will continue working to identify the source of the pandemic. However, he remembered that all the great events of the UN are to be suspended and that the parties are aware that they will have to apply new guides to designing these encounters in the future either physical, virtual or hybrid solutions.

With regard to the possibility of the virus already circulating in the dates of celebration of the COP25, sources from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge is circunscribieron to the information disseminated so far by the Ministry of Health in this regard.

The director of the Coordination center Alerts and Health Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, has admitted that the virus of the Covid-19 was able to circulate in Spain already before the end of February, the time in which the Ministry of Health fixed the large increase of hiv infections within the pandemic.

In a press conference following the Technical Committee of Management of the Coronavirus, asked about the possibility of Spain to investigate cases of pneumonia recorded since November, in response to the suggestion of the WHO, to detect whether they could be really COVID-19, Simon skipped the question.

Infections in November in China

However, it has admitted that there is “probability” that the virus traveled from China to Europe prior to the notification of the outbreak by the chinese authorities, on the 31st of December of 2019. “We have information from studies that it is very likely that he would have infections in China is produced at the end or mid of November that were detected later,” he explained.

Thus, it has recognized the option for the people who would have been able to infect in China to come to Europe in those moments. “That’s probably happened with some cases, but in a relatively small number, because if not, our epidemics may have begun before”, has been justified.

Precisely in Wuhan (China), where is situated the source of the pandemic, there were the Military World Games, from 17 to 29 October, which was attended by more than 10,000 high-level athletes belonging to the Armed Forces of more than a hundred countries of the world.

Of them, according to sources in the Ministry of Defense, 170 were Spanish. With the occasion of the inauguration of the Games, he also visited Wuhan the ‘number three’ of the Ministry of Defense, stay Away from the Tower. Defense has pointed out that the military who traveled to China has not presented any symptoms of the coronavirus once they had returned to Spain, and therefore it was not considered appropriate to take any additional action.