This is what Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, and Amanda Seyfried I would have liked to wear to the gala at the Met


On the first Monday of may is marked hopelessly in the calendar of any understanding in fashion as the most important of the year. The opening of the exhibition organized by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York it is celebrated with a feast at which the label style is usually marked by the theme of the exhibition. Whether the craft in front of the technology, the model as muse, China, catholicism, the punk or camp. No matter how risky or conceptual topic, the dresses always exceed the expectations of the imagination. If that is possible.

Unfortunately, this year the festival has been cancelled due to the health crisis that has forced us all to stay at home and to respect the safety distance. Goodbye to the looks of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, the Kardashian or Beyoncé not repaired in wits and made all the gimmicks that the industry put at your disposal. At least until may of 2021.

Rihanna at the gala, 2015, with the dress of the design&bathrooms;adora Guo Pei who probably más memes has caused in the history of the holiday.

Rihanna at the gala of 2015 with the dress designer Guo Pei is probably more memes caused in the history of the holiday.

Although the announcement of the cancellation of the gala was made more than six weeks, the theme of the exhibition was already known for months, and even if the last Monday is not unrolled any red carpet on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue in front of the facade of the museum, some famous have not wanted that their looks will remain for always in the trunk of what never was.

Katy Perry in 2019 with a dress inspired in a chandelier created by Jeremy Scott Scott for Moschino

Katy Perry in 2019 with a dress inspired in a chandelier created by Jeremy Scott Scott for Moschino

For Katy Perryfor example, this event is one more occasion of which life provides in which bring out your vocation confessed show-woman. If the last year is not happy with dress-up candelabra (because that cannot be called other way), left to the after party a dress in the shape of a hamburger patty, pickles and lettuce included, this time also just to let people know that is expecting a baby with her boyfriend actor Orlando Bloom used his account of Instagram to unveil his choice frustrated. Nothing less than a bodice designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and popularized Madonna in the 90’s but he wore on this occasion a piece that covered his incipient gut of pregnant. “What could have been”, wrote the singer along with the picture.

From the bathroom of his New York apartment, the actress Julia Roberts put on a stunning gown of tulle cascading black-and-white to reflect that it could have been one of the most elegant of the night. “This is me… not going to the Dance, the Met tonight,” joked.

To add a touch of humor, Amanda Seyfried came out to tour the garden of their estate with a print dress of flowers, and victorian-inspired with the one that seemed to pay homage to the Home of the prairie, and ended up going in the coop to carry on the arm that had been their guest of the night, as she claimed herself.