To Gwyneth Paltrow came out with competition, Halle Berry launches an application of beauty and well-being


Updated 27/04/2020 13:31

Halle Berry is one of the celebrities that ms active est during the quarantine on the social networks. We have seen share their recipes healthythe caeros exercises she does to stay in shape (small abdominal!) and until we have been delighted with a homemade mask. All of these tips beauty and a lot of ms formarn part of his new project: the app health and well-being Respin.

How to get Halle Berry be to their 53 years old every time ms great? The answer is in a combination of food healthy, exercises and wellness routines. A way of life healthy that the oscar-winning actress has been proposed to engage their followers through Respinwith the new application. In their own words: a digital community of wellness “to connect, learn something new or, perhaps, only to be distracted from our circumstances, surrealist (because cov)”. This is not the first time that the protagonist of Catwoman launches a similar project already done in 2018, but without much success.

There are several famous that have been launched into the world of well-being digital. In the case of Gwyneth Paltrow by creating a powerful empire, not free of controversy, through Goop. What began being a newsletter of recommendations and tips it has become a business that generates millions of dollars and already has stores physical. Articles of fashion, books, healthy cooking, and even sex toys make up the diverse universe marketed by Paltrow.

What encontrars in the new app of Halle Berry? Audiovisual content is perfect to train at home and get in shape during the quarantine period. The interpreter, even, has marketed their own sports equipment. Long shares every Friday on their social networks the hashtag #FitnessFriday, accompanied by a table of exercises, coordinated with Peter Lee Thomas, his personal trainer. Boxing, martial arts, cardio, crunches… Without a doubt, the best thing is to work the body as a whole.

Also in Respin there will be recipes (it seems that the confinement has taken the chef that we carry within), and nutritional advice. Homemade tricks, such as taking a glass of water with lemon and so on are part of the daily ritual of the actress, and how to continue your coach in Hollywoodlife. And the very Berry has confessed to follow the diet Keto or cetognica, low in carbohydrates.

The community seala that its main objective are: to connect with people with the same interests, provide content to care for the body, mind and soul, I will teach to strengthen the body ponindolo to the limit and awakening the spirituality that resides in every one. So that it provide tips to meditate, and some routines beauty. Of time, the mask, homemade face of the actress -with t green, crcuma and natural yoghurt – has caused feelings.