Trolls World Tour: Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick want to receive royalties for digital sales


A few weeks ago, Universal gave the news that Trolls World Tour – 62%, sequel of Trolls – 74%, had been such a great success to be launched in video on demand that surpassed its predecessor at the box office, to raise US$100 million by income in the united States. The news was not very well received by the theater chains, and AMC Theaters announced that it would no longer show films from Universal as a response; but also the actors were surprised because they didn’t know that the tape would go directly to the VOD format.

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In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, stars of Trolls and Trolls World Tour, are demanding a compensation, because a large part of the profits they make actors for roles in animated films is due to the bond locker and none of the two was announced that the production would be available to be leased to US$20. According to the media, the representatives of both actors will be asked figures with six zeros, both of which were important part of the advertising of the film.

However, despite the success of which has been hypothesized to NBC Universal, some industry veterans believe that Trolls World Tour still in the red despite the US$100 billion achieved, in large part because in international markets, video on demand does not enjoy enough popularity. Hal Vogelof the company Vogel Capital Management, said that perhaps NBCU is being very optimistic:

Probably exaggerated, but as most of the people in the business, they have not had much success in the past two or three months, so that any ray of sunshine helps.

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With the present deplorable situation that has deeply affected the film industry and the entertainment, the proceeds of Trolls World Tour seem very large compared to the losses that are generating delays of multiple productions and premieres in cinemas.

However, despite the negative predictions for Trolls World Tour of some experts, a source of The Hollywood Reporter with first-hand information, ensures that the studio is hoping to generate US$40 million or more in profits from all the possible sources of income, which includes the sale of DVDs and Blu-rays.

The case of this film, as has already been pointed out previously, it is a unique experiment, because it is a production of US$100 million, plus a marketing campaign huge that it cost at least US$35 million to Universal only in the united States. There are good reasons to think that other projects will not follow the same path.

Almost a month ago in the journal Arab News he shared in an interview that she made to the actors Trolls World Tour, Timberlake said that a key ingredient to the success of this franchise was the music:

I think the reason why people connect with Trolls is that there is a beautiful, humorous, and loving to bring a message of diversity and how to celebrate and, at the same time, all this fantastic music.

Anna Kendrickfor his part, highlighted the humour and optimism of Trolls World Tour that remains true to the first installment:

The public can expect the same kind of optimism characteristic and the colorful festivity visual of the first movie, much more music and many more characters. It really is this sweet kind of discovery of all these different genres that, of course, we all know well.

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Trolls: World Tour was scheduled to reach U.s. theaters in April 2020, but the global pandemic of COVID-19 caused the march 16, it announced its arrival on VOD on April 10.