Wanted you will notice that all and put that!! Yuliett Torres from behind!


Yuliett Towers passes the confinement at home, whiling away the time with routines that allow you to exercise the quadriceps and the bicepsand when bored goes to the abdominal. Although occasionally still publishes some of those images in which you note everything when you back is turned.

Now he has been given by share your workouts with all their followers, detailing the number of repetitions and minutes to devote to exercise to obtain results, the model fitness says but not be able to go to the gym, you can make a gym at home.

Surprisingly, and due to the questions that made their followers, Yuliett was forced to confess the true origin of their curves, and he did it in a videofor that there should be no doubts.

The known as Kim Kardashian mexican just say that the only implants that have leads in your bust, which has no more silicone in your body. Has also recognized that after the birth of his daughter made a liposuction to your waist you will be marked a lot but that its appearance is maintained thanks to the sport and to a healthy diet.

As you know that you are interested in, has also commented the aesthetic treatment that uses with regularity, in most cases, these are natural products that will inject professional and the result of which can be seen with the garments you put on and with which you note all.

Yuliett has become a model fitness which stars in magazine coversas he did in the magazine ‘H men’ in the month of January and whose copies were sold out nothing more be published.

Now added to fashion up routines that exercise for the duration of the confinement in the home, but once in a while I still drop the occasional publication of those we love and in which she is back.