will donate 1 million dollars to affected



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The singer Cardi B announced on Wednesday that it will donate along with the signature of fashion Fashion Nova a total of 1 million dollars people who have been affected by the pandemic the coronavirus.

In a publication of Instagramthe young rapper from new york specified that it be distributed to a thousand dollars every hour for the next 42 days between the applicants of the assistance, which must send its request in the web address fashionnova.com/cares explaining his personal situation and the difficulties it faces.

“Do you know?, when, at times, give to charities and think: ‘what this is coming to the people?’. Since we are going to ensure that this reaches the people,” said Cardi B in a video published on social networks.

“We are very grateful for all your support all this time, and it is time that we support you,” he added, while he stressed that many people “are having problems paying their bills, feed their families and take care of the essential needs”.

This is the second charitable action of Cardi B in little more than two weeks, as at the end of march announced that it would donate the proceeds of the song Coronavirusa remix that uses the audio from a viral video of Instagram in which the singer warned, with its distinctive casual style and shrill, of the dangers of the disease.

His message, which became an anthem for fans around the world to stay home with the advance of covid-19, was transformed into a song of success, and came to place among the first five positions of the hip-hop songs most listened to in the iTunes list.

All over the world and from the beginning of the year, more than 1 million 350 thousand people have contracted the coronavirus, and almost 80 thousand have died, according to the latest figures offered by the World Health organization (WHO).