Will there be more “Underworld”? Kate Beckinsale takes us out of doubts


At the beginning of 2017, Underworld: Wars of Bloodthe fifth and final installment of the saga of vampires and werewolves, is planted in our rooms. It is true that the earlier films were not Citizen Kanebut no chaos. For almost fifteen years, the saga Underworld gave us entertainment of the good, so that your farewell, promising to let us go big. Nothing more far from reality…

You can not understand that actors of the calibre of Kate Beckinsale or Charles Dance they have borrowed to such a disaster. The tape that was coming to put an end to the long war between the two races became in a little less than ridiculous. Beyond offering a collection of ugly moments, Underworld: Wars of Blood offered us a chaos narrative of those who make history. In many moments of the film, we felt overwhelmed in the face of such lack of connection and a mounting unfortunate.

Had little or no sense in this race forward we had. Effects crappy over not being able to aderezaban the development of a film that came to a climax laughable, and that, suddenly, just. Unworthy end to a saga that deserved a farewell is more honourable.

So, many fans have been wanting a closing to the height of Underworldbut it seems clear that’s not going to come. The thing is all but over completely, which has left clear Kate Beckinsale: “I will not return. I’ve already done a lot of films from those”. So convincing was the actress in an interview for Variety. So, it is important to remember the close of Underworld as soon as possible. We prefer to stay with the early days of the saga.