Zac Efron you do not want to have the abs of ‘Baywatch’


“It was difficult”. With these two words defined Zac Efron the physical preparation he went through to comply with the muscular body required ‘Boywatch: the watchmen of the beach’. It was one of the biggest challenges the actor has faced. Still in the minds of many as one young sweet and innocent ‘High School Musical’, the truth is that Efron has been seen how his body was forming film after film. His physical transformation has been tremendous, but the step that he had to give to show off a six pack impressive, in line with a large bicepsstill in his head.

So he told it in an interview in the program ‘Hot Ones’ to talk about his new series ‘Killing Zac Efron’, which also addressed the issue of their workouts for the film of the watchmen of the beach.”It was a moment really important,” said Efron Evans about get in shape for ‘Baywatch’. “When I finished with that movie, I realized I would not return to be as in good shape. It was very difficult,” he confessed. Reason does not lack for the exercise routine -you can check it here – they had to undertake in order to achieve the muscular body that then shone on the screen is not at all easy to meet. “You’re working with almost no room to maneuver […] There are things that concern you, as the water in the body. You’re turning your six pack in a four-pack. It is a stupidity and is not real,” explained the actor.

However, he also acknowledged that “I am happy that it worked and I am happy I have helped you”. “I can do it again if there is something that worthwhile, but I’ll wait until it comes to that. Now I don’t need a body as well”, he clarified.

In addition to the training for the film, also spoke about his series of YouTube ‘Gym Time with Zac Efron’, where he works with some of the largest names in the fitness room, the people that the actor has a lot of respect: “To me, athletes are like movie stars. When I know someone who is an inspiration to me, whatever your art or craft is really fun. And if they want to train with me… Or I think so”.

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