5 Things you probably didn’t know about Justin Bieber


The interpreter ‘One less lonely girl’ and the model, Hailey Baldwin, are of the feast; as the canadian is serving 26 years to the day of today, 03 March, which is why, we show you 5 things you probably did not know about the canadian.

To be an architect

Although it is now one of the singers more relevant at the international level, the future of Justin Bieber may have been another, completely different, because, on several occasions the interpreter ‘Yummy’ has mentioned that, in addition to music, another of his great dreams was to be able to becoming an architect.

His immense fortune

According to the acclaimed site Celebrity Net Worth, the fortune of the ex-partner of Selena Gomez is valued at nothing more and nothing less than $ 285 million, earning an average of $ 80 million per month. It is worth mentioning that, since I joined in matrimonial bonds with Hailey Baldwin, his fortune (together with that of the model) amounted to 305 million dollars.

Change your phone number every six months

Due to the great fame and fortune that has Justin Bieber, the canadian has revealed on several occasions that often change their telephone number approximately every six months, this, for security reasonsas it is well known that the numbers of celebrities are usually filtered out with ease, which is why, Justin would prefer to be cautious.

Fan of Cubes Rubik’s cube

In addition to his great ability in the music industry, Bieber is also usually pretty good armando cube rubikand that is , on more than one occasion has proved that is one of the few people who are able to solve them in a few minutes, and although it has been established to overcome your own brand, up to the moment, the record of Justin remains of two minutes.

Your person to follow is Will Smith

Though Justin Bieber can be a role model for many of his followersthe truth is that celebrities also have their own idols, such is the case of the interpreter ‘Let me love you’ whose person to follow is nothing more and nothing less than Will Smithin fact, some years ago, mentioned that even spoke to once a week. Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!